How long does it take to ship an item?

Generally, the node should be at your doorstep within 7-10 days all over EU. Some delays are possible if we need to wait for a critical update, or we’re missing some parts, or we have a huge backlog, but we’ll notify you about that in due time.

Why do you only sell to EU?

Because exporting electronic goods outside of EU is bureaucratic nightmare that becomes even worse when shipping from Croatia. Add to that issues with customs and we’d rather not bother – not when we’re selling our inventory at a loss. We hope someone else will pick up the mantle outside of EU and do the same thing – try Ava.do!

How can you sell at a loss / no profit?

We sell at the price of components + shipping + tax required to cover this in Croatia. That’s it. As for how we can pull it off – it’s not too expensive, the biggest expense is actually time in setting all this up. If this picks up and we start getting a number of orders we cannot handle, we’ll consider bringing in outside help, raising prices to pay for said help, etc. But I wouldn’t count on it, nodes aren’t really in hot demand.

How can I help you?

You can send donations to 0x04bb33C3A8c2D018836a1f938054Ebb59e0036B2 or you can buy the “Donation” product in the store. Buying the devices does NOT help us financially, so don’t try to swarm our store with an organized effort, it’ll only create a huge backlog and lots of unpaid work 😬

Who is behind this?

See about.

What is (DAI) next to euro prices?

See What is DAI?

Can I pay in some token other than DAI?

We use Kyber, so anything they support is fine.